Wednesday, November 28, 2007

How Early Can a F[...]tish Develop??

I think Pumpkin may have a foot f[...]tish. He’s obsessed with feet: bare feet, socked feet, whatever. All I have to do is wiggle my toes at him and he erupts into gales of giggles. Sometimes a simple tapping of the foot will suffice. Yesterday, I was sitting at the dining room table next to Pumpkin in his ExerSaucer and I noticed that he is leaning over the edge and peering excitedly down at my feet. Such expectation- what will she do now? Will she wiggle them? Will she, gasp, kick off her shoes? Who needs flashy musical baby toys when you have feet around??

I’ve also noticed that he may share my genetic predisposition to toe curling. Whenever I am sitting down, I find that I keep my toes curled underneath my feet. It used to freak out my husband when we first started dating since he said that it appeared that I had suffered some horrible ten toe amputation. One of my brothers also likes to keep his toes curled. Now I’ve noticed that Pumpkin also keeps his feet in this curled position. Nature or nurture??

[Edited because too many pervs were finding this post searching for f[...]tish info!]

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