Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lots of Communicating...

On a better note than my last post, Pumpkin has really stepped up his communication skills recently.  He has started using the sign language gesture for "more" and has started pointing to his mouth whenever I ask him if he is hungry and wants to eat.  He babbles a lot but only says three real words:  "mama", "gagi" (daddy), and "again" (which means again or "I want that" depending on the context).

He's starting to take several steps at a time on his own and has generally shown a great deal more interest in walking.  Our world will really change when that happens!

We took him to the zoo recently and he loved looking at the animals, especially a wolverine friend.  The wolverine was the most exciting and active animal we saw there.  The wolverine was splashing around in his water pool and seemed to take a great deal of interest in Pumpkin, who was riding on Daddy's back in the backpack carrier.  The wolverine climbed up the side of the cage and was intently staring at Pumpkin, much to Pumpkin's delight, who was giggling and babbling about it the entire time.  There a mini-zoo train which we all rode together.  Poor Pumpkin had a look of terror on his face as we started out, especially as we approached a short tunnel, so we were frantically trying to keep him excited and pointing out things to him.  He bepumpkin_5_17came calmer but never looked like he was particularly enjoying it, but then he started to cry and fuss when we had to get off of the train.

Well, I think I hear Pumpkin waking up from his nap so I had better go!


Lilypad Mom said...

He is so cute! It's amazing how fast the communication piece starts to pick up once they get started. And you won't really notice at first, but one day you'll suddenly realize you are actually having a conversation with your baby, and it's so amazing (I just had that moment last night.)

Corina said...

What a sweet smile!