Saturday, January 12, 2008

Pumpkin is On the Move!

He’s crawling forward now! He had been inadvertently moving himself backwards for a while now but has finally figured out how to move forward. It seemed like it happened overnight. He had made one or two tentative forward motions previously, but all of a sudden he was able to crawl across an entire room. I’m very excited yet apprehensive as well. In his first hour of full crawling, I had to pull him away from our carbon monoxide detector twice as well as away from repeated forays towards the toilet. Needless to say, our house will be completely baby-proofed by the end of the weekend. I guess we’ll be breaking out the “NO” word now as well.

My husband is overjoyed that I am now receptive to buying a flat-panel TV since I now view it as a safety feature. Our current Sony Vega weighs hundreds of pounds and takes two men to move it so I just look at it as a catastrophe waiting to happen. However, he does not have me sold on actually paying for HD service. That battle continues…

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