Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Another Reason I Hate Spiders

Last night, my husband and Ms. Beagle spent the evening at the emergency animal hospital. We came home from work and found Ms. Beagle sprouting hives across her back. She had silver dollar size lumps underneath her fur that seemed to worsen over the next hour, so my husband drove her to the after-hours vet hospital, all the way across town. They gave her Benadryl and told him that most likely she was either bitten by a spider or ate a spider. This morning the hives made a reappearance so we’ve been giving her with Benadryl throughout the day. Tonight she gets a bath (she’s really going to regret that spider appetizer). Amazingly, despite her discomfort, she was still able to stand guard at the edge of the drop cloth we have under Pumpkin’s high chair, waiting for any choice morsel to fall to the ground. What they say about beagles is true, if you ever see a beagle that passes up food run to the nearest vet because something is drastically wrong with that dog. As I’ve expressed before, food is of utmost importance to Ms. Beagle.


Lily Pad Mom said...

Poor doggie! I hope the hives are completely gone soon.

PumpkinsMom said...

Thanks- it took about 3 days, but she is finally hive free! We now have a stash of Benedryll on hand just in case!