Friday, March 28, 2008

Take Me to Vegas, Baby...

I was lucky to win not once, but twice through 5 Minutes for Mom's Ultimate Blog party giveaways.  I've been on a winning streak recently.  A couple of months ago, I won tickets to a jazz concert (the concert was rescheduled so I haven't actually attended it yet).  Prior to that, I believe the last time I had won something was in elementary school when I won a drawing from Hills department store.  I was able to take my pick of from that week's Top Ten records (yes, I mean the vinyl kind).  I picked Tina Turner's Private Dancer album.  Yes, I was hip.  It could have been much, much worse considering that my first concert was Milli Vanilli which I attended with my dad, just to make the occasion that much cooler.  To give my dad credit, he endured it without complaint (or at least without complaining too much...he did just recently reminisce about the ringing in his ears that he experienced for days after that concert).

Not only have I been winning more often these days, but I have also been winning much more desirable items as well.  First, from Karen Neuburger I won a very cute camisole and panty set.  KN_dayware The cotton is extremely soft and the cut is very cute, without feeling too skimpy.

I also won a gift certificate offered by The Downtown Boutique to use at Ambrosia Delights, a home-based business specializing in homemade jewelry and boutique clothing.  I chose a pretty crystal and bead bracelet...ambrosia

Thanks to Karen Neuburger and The Downtown Boutique/Ambrosia Delights!  Both vendors were very responsive and the shipping was quick and easy...

The way my luck has been running, I guess I'd better go out and buy a lottery ticket!

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The Downtown Boutique said...

Thanks for blogging about the bracelet from my shop, Ambrosia Delights. I guess I should make some more of them now! :-)

Congratulations again on winning the gift certificate!