Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pumpkin is One Year Old!

This past Friday was Pumpkin’s one year birthday. It is so hard to believe that an entire year has passed since our little buddy came into our lives. He has changed so much; sometimes I look at him and do not even see a little baby anymore, just a true little boy. He has grown from a 5 lb 2 oz little “peanut” to a bouncing 22+ pound rough and tumble boy.

We decided to go with a puppy dog theme for the party since nothing brings a smile to that boy’s face faster than either our real dog, Ms. Beagle, or a picture of a dog in one of his books. I found puppy plates, puppy napkins, a puppy hanging mobile, puppy tablecloth, puppy party blowers, and puppy streamers. After spending a small fortune at the party store, I think next year I’ll just buy a few strategic party items and get the rest in coordinating colors at Walmart.

My mom made a carrot cake with cream cheese icing and I decorated it with a puppy dog (which turned out pretty well considering I usually tear off the entire top layer of a cake just trying to ice it). Boy, did that child enjoy his cake…

At first, Pumpkin seemed a little overwhelmed by all of the attention but he quickly warmed up to the party and as usual was completely captivated by his seven year old cousin. Pumpkin received a lot of great gifts from family; but true to form, one of his favorite gifts was a Baby Plays Peek-a-boo book. Pumpkin’s in-town grandparents were in attendance as well as one set of his out-of-town grandparents. The other set will celebrate a second birthday get-together with us in a few weeks. Two sets of aunts and uncles were also here for the celebration. After a raucous evening of birthday fun, he was wiped out and in bed by 7:15 PM (about half an hour after his normal bedtime). The next day he was a WEE BIT grumpy, but we all know what it feels like to have partied just a bit too hard the night before, right?

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Lily Pad Mom said...

Sounds like a wonderful party, happy birthday Pumpkin!