Friday, March 28, 2008


I finally have the requisite spaghetti covered baby picture of Pumpkin.  pumpkin_spaghetti_1 I made some homemade meat sauce for him the other night and it was the first time he had long pasta noodles so of course he had it everywhere!  Even after his bath that night, he still had orange-stained cheeks.  It was so cute, it was worth the painstaking effort of cleaning up the high chair seat...

He's still only eating with his hands but as you can tell from this picture, he is at least starting to figure out what the spoon is actually supposed to do...


He has been in a much better mood this past week.  His seventh tooth cut through last night (with I think one to three additional teeth getting ready to follow) and he also seems to be past his latest cold.  I had been somewhat freaking out because he had been very irritable for several days following his vaccinations so of course, I had been worrying about whether or not he was going to have long-term effects from the shots.  Of course, who wouldn't be cranky after 4 shots, a cold and multiple teeth cutting through their gums??  I know I'm not the only mom who worries about these things, but sometimes I do wish that we didn't have quite so much information at our disposal.  Believe me, I can come up with quite enough things to worry about Pumpkin on my own without reading the latest and greatest scientific study!

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